We are looking for talented and ambitious people who want to write their doctoral thesis with us. If you are about to start, we invite you to join ED’s Academic Program. We offer interesting business cases and you are given the chance to engage yourself in a topic that interests you and from which the company can also benefit.


There are two different approaches:

You can search and apply for our advertised thesis work

  • The development and implementation of the CRA III Regulation for structured finance: impact and future developments
  • New European Commission legislation for simple, transparent and standardised securitisations: the legal framework and its implementation
  • The evolution of NPLs in Italy: empirical study from 2013 to 2015
  • Can financial reporting be standardised in the existing structured finance transactions?
  • Why does Loan by Loan data not always match the investor reports of SF transactions?
  • Can European DataWarehouse data benefit industries beyond the financial sector?
  • What are the incentives for banks to provide optional data about structured finance transactions?
  • To what extent have renegotiations and loan repurchases been used to improve the observed performance of securitised transactions and why?
  • Can the loan by loan data of a securitised transaction be used to predict the recoveries of its defaulted assets?
  • Do the determinants of loan pricing differ much from one bank to the other?
  • Is loan by loan data from securitised transactions representative of the loan books of the originating banks?
  • What does loan by loan data say about credit availability?
  • Does loan by loan data reflect the operating features of the originating banks?
  • How can we be certain that the loan by loan data provided to us is not faked?

Please note that some of the topics above can be refined per country/asset class.

Other topics / fields of study *

  • Data Quality Management
  • Neural Networks
  • Machine Learning (Clustering)
  • Data Mining
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Big Data Analytics
  • In-Memory Analytics

*  All topics should be related to Loan Level Data


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