European DataWarehouse (ED) is the first centralised European platform for uploading and downloading ABS loan level data (LLD). ED as a market initiative aims to increase transparency and restore investor confidence in the ABS market. ED provides an easy to use platform for Data Owners and Data Providers to upload their ABS data which also conforms to Eurosystem requirements. In compliance with the ECB taxonomy, a score is generated and assigned to each ABS transaction after the submission and processing of the loan level data.

Who provides Data to ED? Data Owners:
    Are issuers or originators who register the deals in Edwin. While registering the deal, the Data Owner appoints a specific Data Provider for the deal and receives a unique global transaction identifier called the ED Code. Often, Data Owners are also Data Providers.
    Data Providers:
    Are servicers, trustees or other designated entities that upload loan level data files on a periodic basis for the deals for which they are nominated as Data Provider by the Data Owner.

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