What is EDplus?

EDplus is a desktop software application designed to download loan and bond level data in a database, enabling complex query based analysis. Data Users can use their Edwin login credentials to synchronize one or more deals from Edwin to their local database and view the loan and bond level data in Excel or write standard SQL queries to perform further analysis.

Why use EDplus?

Using EDplus, Data Users are able to directly query the loan and bond level data, automatically update predefined dashboards and feed data into third party analytics software. EDplus also facilitates the management of large amounts of data, allowing optimized distribution and efficient storage.
Connectivity Performance Scalability
Data Usability Flexibility Intuitive

Full & Trial Version

ED Customers can download the EDplus trial version for free from Edwin and use the software for 2 months
Features Trial Version Full Version
Synchronize deals of your choice to your computer 5 deals at a time Any number of deals
Pre-filter the data fields of your choice to reduce data volume
Pre-configured Excel Spreadsheet examples to analyse loan level data
Run any kind of SQL queries on the synchronized data
Directly integrate deals to analytical tools or spreadsheets
Write your own custom analytics / financial modelling plugins
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