What is Edwin?

Edwin, ED’s software application, is a bespoke, fully integrated software platform designed and developed specifically to collate ABS deal, bond and loan level information into a single, centralised database.

Who uses Edwin?

Edwin is designed to meet the requirements of Data Owners, Data Providers and the Data Users. It enables the upload and download of loan and bond level data files.

Why use Edwin?

Edwin provides a robust and secure infrastructure for Data Owners / Data Providers to create ABS deals and upload loan level data. Leveraging high performance data processing capabilities, Edwin computes real time data completeness scores for loan and bond level data that reflect ECB eligibility criteria requirements.

For Data Users, Edwin offers both quick and advanced search features to find specific ABS transactions and download the associated loan and bond level data files in Excel and CSV formats.

Furthermore Edwin provides an Excel template to automatically generate “portfolio stratifications” for RMBS, SME, Auto, Consumer and Leasing deals.

Accessing ED Data (Data Users)
User-friendly access to loan-level data files Fast access to reliable LLD
Assess ABS value and risk quickly & accurately One-step simple registration process
Providing Data to ED (Data Owners & Data Providers)
One-step simple registration process One-step simple registration process
Three different upload possibilities (web, toolkit and API) Fast access to reliable LLD
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