Fee Structure for Data Users


Access to ABS Data

Data User Types Annual Fee
In Euro (plus appl. taxes)
Institutional Investors Free access
National / International Regulators 2,500 / 5,000
National / International Associations 2,500 / 5,000
Accounting Firms, Trustees & Consultants 20,000
Active Market Participants 50,000
Rating Agencies 20,000 / 50,000 / 100,000*
Data Vendors, Market Data Analytics 125,000
ED Premium Service 2,500
Institutional Investors are ABS investors who manage positions for themselves or on behalf of clients but are not engaged in brokerage, commercial trading activities (i.e. market maker), creation or licensing of derivative products derived from the data obtained from ED.
Active Market Participants are institutions such as investment banks, large commercial banks or brokers that use the data for market making or trading decisions or for their research, risk or other commercial assessment of ABS. These institutions typically use the data to plug into their own models or other third party analytics and risk systems.
Rating Agencies use ED data for their ratings assignment, surveillance or research.
*a reduced fee of €50,000 applies to Rating Agencies with free research available to interested parties.
*a reduced fee of €20,000 applies to Rating Agencies with total revenues less than EUR 10m per annum.
Data Vendors and Analytical Providers normalise and redistribute ED data to third parties and provide additional products together with analytical tools.