What is EDvance?

EDvance is ED’s web-based solution that provides users access to rich, seamless loan & bond level data, in an easy, convenient and interactive way.

Who uses EDvance?

EDvance gives users a completely new way to access loan and bond level data and it is designed to meet the requirements of investors, analysts and researchers


Make smart and accurate data driven decisions. Create a compelling story based on in-depth analysis backed by interactive visualisations. Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view


Instantly look up information from both Investor Report Data & Loan Level Data side-by-side. Always stay on top of your portfolio and generate monitoring reports with a click of a button


Gain unparalleled Insights into the European Credit Market. Harness the power of ~ 1 billion loan data records across Europe

Why use EDvance?

  • With more than 1,000 European ABS transactions EDvance offers the opportunity to benchmark any given deal against the same issuer, vintage and country providing insightful information
  • Through the transaction matrix, users can understand how the underlying asset pool changes over time
  • Furthermore EDvance allows to instantly compare information stemming from Investor Report (IR) and Loan Level Data (LLD)
  • Additional features include the ability to view historical trends, slice and dice stratification tables and generate monitoring reports

EDvance Premium – even more powerful

  • EDvance Premium allows to instantly compare information stemming from Investor Report (IR) and Loan Level Data (LLD)
  • ED Adjusted Values provide greater insight by enhancing and supplementing LLD to make the analysis easier and more efficient
  • Constant Default Rate calculations are provided in a very transparent way, along with the detailed loan-by-loan list of the defaults, making further “in depth” analysis possible

User-friendly access to loan-level data files