Our Team

Our international office represents more than 17 nationalities and 15 languages.

Basak Aktay
Head of Sales & Customer Relations
Marco Angheben
Head of Business Development & Regulatory Affairs
Martin Kuhn
Head of Data Management & Customer Service
Sascha Schimpfermann
Head of Central Services
Ludovic Thebault
Vice President, Senior Research Manager
Christian Thun
Chief Executive Officer
Adelina Asani
Data Analyst
David Benkemoun
Data Analyst
Supriya Choure
Technical Analyst
Paola Ornella Galeota
Data Analyst
Gianluca Ginelli
Data Analyst
Gisela Herkner
Data Manager
Usman Jamil
Research Specialist
Aleksandar Jovanovski
Senior Technical Analyst
Eirini Kanoni
Vice President, Senior Business Development Manager
Kerstin Krause
Senior HR & Office Specialist
Jiamin Lou
Senior Client Service Specialist
Samuel Manchera
Technical Analyst
Ira-Maria Paralloj
Data Analyst
Joel Penn
Senior Sales Specialist
Bruno Pereira
IT Project Manager
Davide Piazza
Data Analyst
Gopala Krishnan Sankaran
Director of IT & Operations
Petr Surala
Business Development Manager
Andrea Walbrecht
Vice President, Key Account Manager
Diane Wathen
Marketing & Communications Manager


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