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Hypostat 2021 – From the EMF-ECBC (European Mortgage Federation – European Covered Bond Council)

Journal of Financial Econometrics: Forecasting Loan Default in Europe with Machine Learning

Journal of Real Estate Finance & Economics: Buildings’ Energy Efficiency & the Probability of Mortgage Default – The Dutch Case

Data Availability Report Q4 2020

Monitoring the Impact of COVID-19: Q1 2021 RMBS Report

Monitoring the Impact of COVID-19: Q1 2021 RMBS Tracker

COVID-19: Who Has Benefited Most from COVID-ERA Auto Loan Extensions?

COVID-19: Survey of Payment Holiday Reporting Practices in Europe

Moody’s Analytics: COVID-19: 360° View of the Dutch Mortgage Market

Moody’s Analytics: Continued Stress of the U.K. Mortgage Market

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