Our ESG Approach

What is ESG

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies.

Our firm works to support policies and procedures that aim to enable environmentally sustainability and social responsibility.

Through our ESG efforts, we strive to enhance market-rate financial returns while considering positive social and/or environmental outcomes and good governance practices.

ENVIRONMENTAL Sustainability

A company’s environmental polices reflect how it considers and treats the natural world.

Our environmental efforts are two-fold. First, internal practices demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. This includes:

  • Planting a new tree for every deal created on its platform. When this policy was announced, European DataWarehouse also planting trees for active deals that had already been uploaded as well
  • Encouraging green commuting practices through subsidized e-bikes and public transportation for employees
  • Incorporating green practices
  • Implementing travel policies that encourage train use over air travel

Secondly, our teams work to incorporate environmental aspects into our overall goals and projects. A key aspect of this is our work with the Energy Efficiency Data Protocol and Portal EeDaPP, an initiative which aims to create a standardised energy efficient data protocol and portal for European mortgages. The market-led protocol will enable the large-scale recording of data relating to energy efficient mortgage assets (loan-by-loan), via a standardized reporting template. To learn more, click here.

Social Responsibility

A company’s social practices reflect how it approaches its relationships with employees, partners, suppliers and the greater community.

We are proud to support diversity and gender equality. Our social policies and healthcare practices support families and children and foster healthy working environments and lifestyle. In a recent company survey, 100% of employees said they are “treated fairly regardless of age…race…(and) sexual orientation”. More than 90% of employees believe that European DataWarehouse…

  • Encourages employees to “to balance work life and personal life”
  • Is a “Psychologically and emotionally healthy place”
  • Provides employees with “measures for promoting health”

European DataWarehouse plans to formalize its ESG policies in 2020.

accountability through Governance

A company’s Governance structure ensures fair business practices.

Operating as a market infrastructure and designated by the Eurosystem, European DataWarehouse aims to increase transparency and restore confidence in the ABS market. The company is governed by its 17 shareholders and representing supervisory board. Our shareholders are a mix  market participants including large corporations, professional organisations, and banks.

In addition, European DataWarehouse has a strict, transparent  non-discriminatory pricing model set by a Pricing Committee.

To  learn more about our governance structure, click here.