EDITOR Insights

Harness the power of 3 Billion loan data records

EDITOR Insights (formerly EDVANCE) is a dynamic web-based solution which provides users access to rich, seamless loan- and bond-level data. Gather data, analyse deals, and gain insight into the ABS market in our easy to use, highly visual platform.

Is your portfolio performing in line with its peers?  What is the average interest rate of an SME loan in Italy?  What is the average income of a Porsche owner? What’s the average LTV of a French RMBS?  How has the European ABS market evolved over the past 6 years? Answer these and thousands of other questions about Europe’s ABS and credit market with our data.



EDITOR Insights is designed to meet the requirements of investors, analysts and researchers. It gives you the opportunity to benchmark any given deal against the same issuer, vintage or country, providing insightful, in-depth information. Through the transaction matrix, users can understand how the underlying asset pool changes over time.

Our data allows users to stay on top of their portfolios and enables them to make smart, accurate data-driven decisions and create compelling data stories backed by interactive visualisations.  With EDITOR Insights, users can:

  • Logon anywhere. EDITOR Insights is a web-based solution which requires no installation.
  • Access more than 3 billion records across jurisdictions and asset classes
  • Directly connect with a dedicated analyst for data-specific questions

Welcome to EDITOR Insights

Learn more about how EDITOR Insights provides users access to rich, seamless loan-
and bond-level data, in an easy, convenient and interactive way.


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  • Deal Summary displaying LLD aggregated data
  • Deal performance and distribution benchmarks
  • Data quality scores
  • Analyst name and contact information

Why Use EDITOR Insights?


Users can conveniently compare information stemming from bond- and loan-level data in an interactive way. Deals can also be benchmarked within a specific jurisdiction or against other jurisdictions, issuers, vintages or a user’s very own portfolio.

Data Quality

Deals stored in EDITOR Insights have gone through 1500+ automated quality checks and in-depth manual analysis; we ensure a supreme level of data quality. Users can view data quality scores to understand the particularities of a given deal.

In-Depth Understanding

EDITOR Insights provides an interactive experience and is especially designed to meet the needs of analysts, investors and researchers. Furthermore, our team of experts is available to assist you in developing additional bespoke data solutions.


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