European DataWarehouse Named in Latest

Action Plan For European NPLs

Frankfurt, Germany— 17 December 2020

European DataWarehouse (EDW) today announced it has been put forward by the European Commission (EC) as a solution for a European Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Data Hub.

The report was published as part of the EC’s Action Plan on NPLs on 16 December 2020. The Action Plan includes a dedicated section on Data Infrastructure which states “To increase market transparency at granular level, the Commission considers that there would be merit in establishing a central data hub at EU level…The data hub at European level would collect and store anonymised data on NPL transactions that have taken place and provide such post-trade transaction details and sale prices to market participants” and names European DataWarehouse as a potential candidate for the role in saying “one of the options could be to establish the data hub by extending the remit of the existing European DataWarehouse .”

Dr. Christian Thun CEO of European DataWarehouse stated: “European DataWarehouse is delighted that the European Commission makes a reference to European DataWarehouse as part of the systematic solution for NPL resolutions going forward. Will we continue working with the industry and the authorities to make the process and procedures as efficient as possible.”

European DataWarehouse was established as part of the implementation of the European Central Bank’s ABS loan-level initiative. Since its inception as an initiative by the leading participants of the European securitisation market, EDW has acted as a repository that collects loan-level data and relevant documentation for more than 1,600 transactions.

About European DataWarehouse GmbH

European DataWarehouse (EDW) is the first and the only centralised data repository in Europe for collecting, validating and distributing detailed, standardised and asset class specific loan-level data for Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and private whole loan portfolios. EDW stores loan-level data and corresponding documentation for investors and other market participants. Operating as a market infrastructure and designated by the Eurosystem, EDW aims to increase transparency and restore confidence in the ABS market. Through EDW’s data, users are able to analyse underlying portfolios in a more efficient way and compare portfolios on a systematic basis.

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