European DataWarehouse Wins “Best Industry Infrastructure Initiative”

at Banking Technology Awards 2012

Central data repository recognised for bringing increased transparency and greater liquidity to European Asset Backed Securities


December 14, 2012 —London, UK and Frankfurt, Germany 

European DataWarehouse has announced its recognition as the “Best Industry Infrastructure Initiative” in the Banking Technology Awards 2012. European DataWarehouse is one of the most comprehensive centralised data repositories of European Asset Backed Securities, providing the means to collect and distribute standardised data in line with the European Central Bank’s (ECB) ABS loan-level data initiative.

“Winning this year’s Best Industry Infrastructure Initiative award from Banking Technology is a testament to the impact European DataWarehouse is having on the ABS markets,” said Paul Burdell, Managing Director of European DataWarehouse. “We have a great team who have worked hard to have the European DataWarehouse up and running well within the timeframes of the ECB’s loan-level reporting requirements and we’d like to thank Banking Technology and the judges for recognising our goal of increasing market transparency.”

“European DataWarehouse is helping achieve greater visibility into European ABS, a move that will help stimulate the securitised markets and ultimately free up credit lines,” said Chip Register, Head of Sapient Global Markets, who designed and built the European DataWarehouse. “We are pleased Banking Technology has acknowledged this achievement through the Best Industry Infrastructure Initiative award.”

European DataWarehouse will allow ABS originators to submit loan-level data electronically in accordance with reporting templates developed by the ECB, ensuring consistency and fast data delivery. Once transactions are available on European DataWarehouse, any investor, data provider, rating agency or central banker can retrieve details about a specific ABS transaction and its current underlying collateral pool to more effectively assess the risk on existing and future ABS. It will be an integrated platform that collates deal, bond and loan-level ABS information into a single centralised database that can be used to spot trade ideas, opportunities and trends, generate comprehensive reports, and much more. European DataWarehouse will also allow originators to upload loan-level data to the platform, where it can be downloaded by users so it can be processed, verified and transmitted to regulators.


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