FRANKFURT, GERMANY—22 September 2022

Regulatory reporting will become more valuable to securitisation issuers using European DataWarehouse’s (EDW’s) securitisation repository platform, thanks to a recent overhaul to its reporting tool, EDITOR.

The launch of the new and unique features comes in response to an EDW initiative to incentivise the exercise of uploading structured data and transaction-level data to a securitisation repository and transform it into a value-adding process.

EDW Chief Technology Officer, Gopala Sankaran, says “EDW’s goal is to empower issuers with deep insights and make timely reporting worth much more than meeting compliance obligations, for both private and public securitisations.”

EDITOR NextGen now gives issuers unparalleled insights into their data, immediately upon upload, with instant benchmarks and auto-generated deal reports that can be redistributed in part or in full, internally or to investors, for free.

“Leveraging the treasure trove of securitisation data, an instantly generated and detailed deal report, with a special focus on snapshot and time series benchmarks, enables issuers to quickly evaluate how their deal’s parameters have evolved and how these parameters, for e.g., CLTV or delinquency rates, compare to the rest of the market,” Mr Sankaran says.

EDW is additionally expanding the functionality of its CSV2XML Converter to allow for custom mapping solutions that will streamline the preparation and submission of XML data files.

Issuers can provide raw data files from their own internal systems and EDW will provide a customised conversion to the ESMA-required XML format, saving time and minimising potential errors.

The EDITOR user experience has also been enhanced with the redesign of both the Upload and My Deals pages, providing an at-a-glance overview of upcoming and past submissions, live tracking of current submissions, and allowing for the direct download of deal reports and feedback files.

Data quality scoring is also being further highlighted with the display of a deal’s relevant ECB or ESMA score depending on the type of template used.

EDW CEO, Dr. Christian Thun, adds “We’re most grateful to TSI for allowing us to launch these new features at this year’s TSI Congress. The event is one of the most important for Europe’s securitisation market and is a great platform for EDW to share these exciting developments that turn regulatory reporting into a value-add activity.”

The TSI Congress begins today in Berlin and online, with a focus on building bridges between sustainability, growth, and monetary stability, and features a great line up of expert speakers. For more information about the upcoming panel sessions, visit https://www.tsi-kongress.de/en/agenda.

To learn more about EDITOR, its new features, and how to register as a user, please email enquiries@eurodw.eu to schedule a demo.

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