European DataWarehouse named
“ESG Service Provider of the Year”

LONDON, UK – 25 April 2023

European DataWarehouse (EDW) is pleased to announce it has been named ESG Service Provider in Structured Credit Investor’s (SCI) inaugural ESG Securitisation Awards 2023 at the 2nd Annual ESG Securitisation Seminar in London.

The award ceremony aims to recognise excellence in, and help bring mainstream attention to, sustainable securitisation.

“Winning this inaugural award is a great honor and is a testament to EDW’s dedication to the next frontier of sustainable finance,” says EDW Director of Business Development, Marco Angheben.

EDW’s sustainable finance dataset – including energy performance certificates (EPCs) – comprises more than 3.7 million records for auto loans and more than 670,000 records for mortgages, as of March 2023.

“In addition to collecting ESG-related data on transactions reported to our platform, EDW is committed to supporting Europe’s green transition by working on solutions to enhance data availability and comparability. At the same time EDW is facilitating investments into securitisations to reduce energy poverty,” Mr. Angheben adds.

In particular, EDW participates in innovative sustainable finance projects such as the Green Auto Securitisation (GAS) project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the ENGAGE for ESG Activation Investments project, co-funded by the European Union under the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)’s LIFE programme.

Furthermore, in its role as a market infrastructure and as a registered securitisation repository in both the EU and UK, EDW regularly contributes to consultations such as the European Commission’s Revision of the Energy Performance for Buildings Directive and the ESA’s Call for Evidence on Greenwashing, for example, and makes these available on its website.

On a company level, EDW strives to provide first-rate customer service while considering positive social and environmental outcomes and good governance practices. Additionally, for every transaction that is created on EDW’s platform, a new tree is planted to facilitate the reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe.

About European DataWarehouse

European DataWarehouse (EDW) is a Securitisation Repository designated by both the European Securities and Markets Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. It was established in 2012 as the first Securitisation Repository in Europe to facilitate the collection, validation, and download of standardised loan-level data for Asset-Backed Securities and private whole loan portfolios.
EDW stores loan-level data and corresponding documentation for investors and other market participants. Operating as a market infrastructure, EDW aims to increase transparency and restore confidence in the ABS market. Through EDW’s data, users can analyse underlying portfolios in a more efficient way and compare portfolios on a systematic basis.

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