What is EDitor?

EDitor is an integrated web application developed by European DataWarehouse (ED) for the seamless analysis and upload of loan level data (LLD). It allows Data Owners and Data Providers to pre-screen and analyse the LLD file and upload it directly to Edwin.

Key Features:

  • Pre-screen and analyse the LLD file
  • Direct upload of the LLD file to Edwin
  • Rule analysis available for all major asset classes
    • RMBS
    • SME
    • Auto ABS
    • Consumer Finance ABS
    • Leasing ABS
  • Centralised rule repository with automatic updates
  • Comparability with previous submissions for stratifications and rule results
  • ED Cloud synchronisation for comparability with previous submissions
  • ECB score

Who uses EDitor?

EDitor is designed to meet the requirements of Data Owners and Data Providers to run the existing ED validation rules in LLD files and upload it directly to Edwin. 

Why use EDitor?

As a pre-screening tool of the LLD files based on predefined logical checks developed and applied by ED data quality management, EDitor contains a set of rules and clusters that allow a quick overview of the potential inconsistencies in the submitted LLD files. Results for each validation check are displayed in a “Pass/Fail” logic with only the number of loans which fail a particular data quality check being shown. Results are indications of potential data quality issues that need to be further investigated.
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